1001 Spins reviews: Quantum Blackjack by Playtech

Playtech recently announced their all-new Quantum Blackjack Live, the world’s first multiplier based Blackjack game! And this is big news to the entire live casino community, all over the world.

Quantum Blackjack is the latest live casino innovation from Playtech

There is a race going on for the throne to be the best live casino provider on the all more popular and social live casino scene. Evolution is currently in the lead with its high quality and innovative Lightning concepts for live casino games and their recent release of Speed Blackjack was also big news. Pragmatic Play, Netent, and Playtech however, are now doing their best to catch up in this race and Playtech (having had great success with their Quantum Roulette this year) seems to be on a really good track to grab the spot as the worlds second best live casino provider with this one…

Introducing Quantum Blackjack

“Quantum Roulette has been one of Playtech Live’s biggest launches of the year…We’re confident that, as the first-to-market multiplier-based Blackjack game, Quantum Blackjack will prove equally popular and set the tone for future Quantum Releases.

Kevin Kilminster, Head of Innovation at Playtech Live

If your a regular live casino player and are familiar with Playtechs games your also aware of their Quantum Roulette. The game works just like regular Roulette except that numbers are given a multiplier on every spin dealt. Quantum roulette is, however, very much like a copy of the Evolution Lightning roulette. It was only a matter of time until someone would apply the same concept and game mechanics to Blackjack and this time around Playtech beat Evolution to it. They can now say they were the first-ever provider to offer a multiplier based Blackjack game!

How does Quantum Blackjack work?

Quantum Blackjakc is a single-handed Blackjack type of game where an unlimited amount (almost) of players can join in and play. Only one hand is played at the table but each player can decide how he/she chooses to play independently from each other when making their calls whether they should draw the next card, stay, etc.

There are not as many side bets available as to some other Blackjack games but these have to be compensated RTP wise, for obvious reasons, by the new Quantum multiplier feature.

Side bets placed in Quantum Black Jack

  • Player perfect pairs
  • 21 + 3

Quantum Multipliers special mechanics

Quantum Blackjack Multipliers (3x10x10 = 300x)

The quantum multipliers are represented by three cards chosen randomly by an RTP engine displayed in the top right corner. Each card is subject to its own multiplier and the maximum multiplier per card is 10x. If you hit all the three cards with an attached multiplier of 10x your winnings for that hand will payout 1000x on your wager (10x10x10), making this game extremely exciting!

  • Quantum card #1 – (3 multiplier)
  • Quantum card #2 – (10 multiplier)
  • Quantum card #3 – (10 multiplier)
  • Total Quantum Multiplier ( 3x10x10 = 300x )

Where can I play Quantum Blackjack?

PLAY Quantum Blackjack at the best real online casinos:

>> Royal Panda

>> Simple Casino

>> Scatters

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