Megaways Slots

What’s the deal with Megaways?

I’ve been playing casino for years and years and then suddenly everywhere you look on every single casino lobby it’s the same game, it’s Megaways games but are you like me wondering what exactly Megaways is and where did they come from we are going to give you a brief overview and some information about who is making them and what’s so special with them if you read below you get the full information.

So, Megaways doesn’t really keep to a single amount of pay lines or amount of rows and reels, they change for every spin, giving you have a different amount of max lines. Usually, the reels stay the same but the rows are more or less on every spin. When you get into the free spin round you usually get more than you get in the regular gameplay just to make it more enticing. The fact that no-one thought about this before is insane and as we’ve seen Big Time Gaming sure had a proper cash cow on their hands.

“A proper cash cow…”

-1001 spins

How does Megaways actually work?

It might sound a bit hard the first times you hear it but it’s actually pretty easy. In most of the Megeways slots there is a common setup of how the slot looks with six reels and up to seven symbols that can show up on each reel. What the number of symbols will be is randomly generated at every spin.

This in turn can create thousands of ways to win on each and every spin, usually up to 117,649. The maximum number is reached when all six reels are showing the “standard” maximum of seven symbols which works out to: 7x7x7x7x7x7 = 117,695.

But we want to make you aware of the fact that not each and every one of these Megaways slots have the same maximum, for example White Rabbit slot has up to 248,832 ways to form a winning line and in Holy Diver you can find up to 586,971 ways to win if you get to the bonus game.

Megaways mechanics

The world of online slots has saturated the public over the years. It is a fact that there are thousands of video slot games developed to cater to the needs of online slot enthusiasts. As a result, many games offer similar themes and ways to win that may sometimes bore players. As an answer to these situations, Megaways slots were developed that not only offer impressive graphics and sounds, but also the colossal ways to win big rewards. Read on to learn more about Megaways mechanics and the beauty of the slots that employ the wonderful template.

How it all started 

Before we talk about the ins and outs of Megaways mechanics, allow us to tell you how it all began. It all started when Big Time Gaming, an Australian slot development studio, saw the need to create video slot games that would offer the players more chances of winning. The company observed that many online slot enthusiasts are looking for video slot games that have unique gameplay yet could also give them great ways to win. 

The online slot community was caught in awe when it first hit the market in 2015 with the Dragon Born slot. However it was in 2016 that Megaways was fully noticed and appreciated when the online slot Bonanza was launched. Through the years, Bonanza has taken the online slot industry by storm as it has been one of the most sought after video slot games. Megaways slots were created and designed to help the players in getting the winning combinations more frequently.

The birth of Megaways Mechanics was all due to the fact that video slot games evolve. For instance, many games have 243 paylines such as Wild Christmas and Monkey God. Developers saw that if by adding more ways to win, more players would then patronize these video slot games. Eventually, online slots with more paylines started to rise. There were those with 1,024 paylines followed by 4,096 paylines. 

It was when Big Time Gaming released the 117,649 ways to win video slot games that dropped the jaw of many enthusiasts. These games eventually employ the Megaways Mechanics that changed the whole perception of online slot gaming. 

What’s so special about Megaways Mechanics?

Megaways slots can give you the thrill and excitement when spinning the reels. These days there are hundreds of slots that use the Megaways Mechanics for bigger chances of winning as well as to win big rewards. If players are looking for video slots that have unique and interesting gameplay, then Megaways slots can be the perfect venue to test your skills and knowledge in online slots. These games have high volatility and RTP that will suit every player’s needs.

How does the Megaways Mechanics work?

At first, Megaways Mechanics may sound complicated with the number of paylines incorporated by game developers. The fact that the paylines may reach up to 117,695, many enthusiasts are driven to play the video slot games that will offer them good winnings. Typically, there are six reels and up to seven random symbols may be expected on each reel.

As such, there are thousands of possibilities to win at every spin. This is where the 117,695 paylines come in. It is computed as 7x7x7x7x7x7 and it will give you 117,695 different ways to win. However, it is also important to note that not all Megaways slots offer 117,649 paylines. There are also video slot games that offer even bigger paylines. Examples of which are White Rabbit with 248,832 paylines and Holy Diver with 586,971 paylines. The paylines can be achieved along with the special features or bonus games that are incorporated into the games. 

Let us take certain games as examples on how colossal ways to win can be achieved. Bonanza Megaways and Extra Chilli Megaways, for instance, come along with multipliers during the free spins round to unleash the big potential of winning. These slot examples gave rise to the fact that Megaways slots are the ones being played by many enthusiasts over the years as well as to the future. In addition to these, the video slot games may also offer special symbols such as wild and scatter symbols that increase the chance of hitting the winning combinations.

All of the slots with Megaways Mechanics have symbols on the reels that can shift and change in shape. A concept that makes the Megaways video slot games unique and attractive. With this process, the number of rows on each reel varies, which gives a wide range of ways to get the winning combinations. The first reel may contain seven rows and the second reel may only have three rows, while the third and fourth reels may have six rows. This concept is also true to the fifth and sixth reels. These different numbers of rows per reel can give massive ways to win in the video slot games. 

Furthermore, the statistics that include the RTP and volatility are stunningly high that can cause two things to the players. It’s either the games will drain their pockets or make them win massive rewards that will make the video slot games memorable as well as the exhilarating experience of playing the game. 

How to win on slots with Megaways Mechanism?

The good thing about video slot games with Megaways Mechanism is that winning combinations can be formed from left to right. The winnings can be determined as based on the matching symbols across the adjacent reels. This is regardless of the size of the symbol, the placement on the reels, or even the number of same symbols on each reel. The idea is to have the symbols connect from left to right. 

These days, many Megways video slot games use Cascading reels to continuously form the winning combinations. This in addition to the special features added to the game may give the players colossal winnings. Examples of special features may be in the form of multipliers, bonus rounds, free spins, wild symbols, and scatter symbols. Another interesting way to win in Megaways slots is the fact that there are video slot games that give the players the option to buy bonus rounds instead of patiently waiting for the special symbols to appear.

The popularity of Megaways slots

Megaways video slot games have become the favorites of many enthusiasts. These games provide the most entertainment and excitement. This popularity is because of many factors that are incorporated into the game. The trademark of Megaways of having massive ways to win has been the main attraction of the games over the years. Moreover, most games have features that will not only boost the potential rewards but also come with impressive visuals and stunning soundtrack that make the games wonderfully thrilling. 

When it comes to investment, many people think that Megaways video slots are expensive to play. This is due to the massive paylines that the Megaways slots offer. In contrast to what many people think, Megaways slots can be very affordable. The cost per spin can cost the players a minimal amount and you will be surprised to know that some of the regular slots may be more costly than Megaways slots. These are the characteristics of Megaways slots that make them popular among the online slot community. 

Now that you have an idea on what Megaways Mechanics is all about and how it works, it is therefore great to be familiar with the different video slot games that employ Megaways Mechanics. We are not saying that these are the only video slot games that will give you fun and excitement. The fact that all Megaways Mechanics slots have impressive features, the following games can be your models in choosing the right game for you.

Bonanza Megaways

This video slot game is one of the first slots that made Megaways famous. Consider this game as the link between the past and future. In many online casinos, Bonanza Megaways remain at the top of the list. The game’s high volatility, as well as the special features such as progressive multiplier, keep the reels spinning for more chances of winning. Many online slot reviews consider this game immortal with its remarkable visuals and an unforgettable soundtrack.

Extra Chilli Megaways

What makes Extra Chilli Megaways popular are the combination of features that give every lucky player the chance to fill their pockets. Examples are the Free Spins Feature and the option to buy the bonus rounds. With the addition of the Megaways machine, Extra Chilli Megaways is considered by many as the Sentinel in the online slot world.

Machina Megaways

This is the first Megaways video slot game released by Relax Gaming. It is a game that has a lot of potential due to many reasons. First is the interesting theme as it takes a futuristic robot theme that will surely be adored by both new and seasoned players. This video slot game is loved for its high payouts and remarkable special features.

Flower Fortunes Megaways

Belonging to the long list of video slots of Fantasma Games, Flower Fortune Megaways has a tetris-like appearance and gameplay. Players of the game need to focus on the meter at the left side as it gives a surprise once the meter is filled. The special features added will totally help in boosting the potential rewards that the game offers. It is also surprising to know that the game offers up to 531,441 ways to win! 

Diamond Mine Megaways

This is one of the first Megaways slots of Blueprint and it really will give the enthusiasts a spine tingling sensation. The game may have some similarities with the game Bonanza, but with added traits that gave it a facelift. When it comes to the video slots offered by Blueprint Gaming, Diamond Mines Megaways remain to be one of the favorites. 

Vikings Unleashed

Vikings are among the popular themes in the online slot industry. The concept is that Viking-themed games have attractive visuals and matching soundtracks that will transport the players to the past to meet the bold and brave tribe. Journey through the seas and face many perils as you spin the reels and form the winning combinations. With special features the likes of multipliers and free spins, players will truly have a great time playing the game.

Genie Jackpots Megaways

If you have fallen in love with the video slot games of Blueprint Gaming, then you will surely adore this game as well. Genie Jackpots Megaways has numerous bonus games to choose from for you to potentially increase the winnings. Players are encouraged to try these features to have an exhilarating gaming experience of playing the game. 

Primal Megaways

Go back to the prehistoric times with this impressive Megaways slot by Blueprint Gaming. Primal Megaways has been found out to be one of the popular prehistoric themed slots that have been created. It does not however educate the players with what prehistoric ife means but the graphics and sounds will make your heart thump. Along with unique features such as mystery stacked symbols and multiplying wilds, players will truly have a wonderful time spinning the reels.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

A television game show inspired video slot game that offers colossal ways to become a millionaire.This game has its twists and turns as an adaptation of the popular game show. Players will surely have a great time playing the reels as it offers massive chances of winning. In addition to these, the video slot game also offers special features to add thrill and excitement to the game.

White Rabbit Megaways

White Rabbit Megaways is a fairytale-inspired video slot game that will take you to the magical world of animated characters. It is a game that offers a payout up to 15,000x the total stake, how cool is that! It is also interesting to know that in addition to the massive chances of winning, the special features are incorporated to add life and challenges to the game. The attractive theme is what makes the game look more interesting as the game is packed with vibrant colors, admirable visuals and stimulating soundtrack.

Into the future with Megaways Mechanics

Some may consider Megaways as a fad that will disappear one day when enthusiasts find the games obsolete. On the contrary, the success of the Megaways Mechanics is continuously inspiring developers to create more games that employ Megaways Mechanics. The reality is that more and more slots appear that have the Megaways Mechanics. Many developers saw this growth and have created video slot games that will attract more players.

These days, there are already seven different providers that use Megaway Mechanics in their long list of video slot games. All of these providers have secured their respective licenses with Big Time Gaming and for sure there will be more in the future. 

What is All Action Megaways?

As mentioned earlier, Megaways Slots have an innovative design and unique gameplay. Playing the games will continuously pump the adrenaline through your bloodstream. Megaways Mechanics also has taken the slots to a whole new level with the All Action Megaways. In these games, base games have been redacted as each spin will take the players instantly to the free spins feature of the game. No need to wait for the appearance of scatter symbols to trigger the feature. Examples of All Action Megaways slots are Buffalo Rising All Action Megaways and Diamond Mine All Action Megaways.


Many things have been said about Megaways Mechanics. Well, most are great actually. Big Time Gaming has done a wonderful job providing what many enthusiasts need when it comes to online slot gaming. With the random number of paylines that every spin offers, colossal wins are sure to fill the pockets of many players. 

Megaways Mechanics is not for the faint of heart but this is for everyone who wants to experience unique and innovative gameplay. The video slot games come with attractive and interesting graphics and sounds that will leave a breathtaking imprint to anyone playing the games. 

The great thing about Megaways slots is that players will also have the opportunity to boost their winnings with the special features added to the slots. Free spins, multipliers, gamble features, just to name a few are totally impressive as they add challenges to the video slot games. The overnight success of Megaways Mechanics has surprised and overwhelmed the online slot community. Since then, Megaways has not ceased to impress online slot enthusiasts to the point that the slots are taken to the next level with the All Action Megaways Slots.

The 117,649 may be considered as magic numbers in the world of online slots. These numbers have drastically changed how video slot games are played and treated. With colossal ways to get the winning combinations, players are falling in line to play Megaways slots. Well in reality, they do not need to fall in line and wait as there are a lot of titles available to arouse everyone.