Volatility Explained

Online slot enthusiasts often see and hear the terms used in playing slots such as RTP, max win, hit frequency, and of course, volatility. But what really is the meaning of volatility and why is it so important in online slot games. Volatility is the risk that is inherent in the video slot games. The volatility of a game gives the players an idea of how much they will win while playing the video slot games.  

What is high volatility slots?

In general, high volatility video slot games are slots that offer large winnings in a short period of time. This means that the frequency of winning is low yet there is a high chance that the rewards will be great. In short, high volatility means a higher chance of winning.

When and why should I play high volatility slots?

We know that people have different lifestyles. Online slot enthusiasts often take time to check the volatility of the video slots they are about to play to determine which is the most suitable for them. For players with more time and of course higher playing budget, high volatility video slot games are highly recommended. Playing high volatility games needs a lot of patience and determination as the frequency of winning may be small yet the potential winnings may be great. 

Playing high volatility video slot games may be risky. Yet these are the games that also offer big rewards. Players who have the determination to wait and win big rewards will surely love high volatile games. Here are some of the most loved video slot games with high volatility:

  • Chimney Sweep (Endorphina)
  • Gems & Stones (Endorphina)
  • Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold (Playson)
  • Rome: Caesar’s Glory (Playson)
  • Dead or Alive (NetEnt)
  • Raging Rhino (WMS)
  • Bonanza (Big Time Gaming)
  • Extra Chilli (Big Time Gaming)
  • White Rabbit (Big Time Gaming)
  • Montezuma (WMS)

What is Low volatility Slots?

Now that you know what high volatility games mean, let us take a look at the other side of the story. Low volatility means that the risk is also lower. Online slot players will experience more frequency of winning however, the reward may not be that big. Players who easily run out of patience will find low volatility video slot games more appropriate for their needs and lifestyle. Players will also find low volatility games entertaining and exciting as they will be able to win from time to time. These games are perfect for people who gets bored easily as forming the winning combinations will stimulate all of your senses. 

When and why should I play low volatility slots?

Just like in high volatility games, choosing video slots with low volatility actually depends on the preference of the player. Low volatility video slot games are more applicable to those who have more free time as well as those who are looking for excitement and a sense of adventure. 

Low volatility video slot games offer a lot of action for players who get bored easily. Wins come in frequently even though the potential rewards may not be that high. These video slot games will make every player spin the reels for hours. Examples of video slot games that have low volatility are the following:

  • Bloodsuckers II (NetEnt)
  • Enchanted GArden II (Real Time Gaming)
  • Lucky Streak 2 (Endorphina)
  • Lucky Dice 3 (Endorphina)
  • Starburst (NetEnt)
  • Mermaids Millions (Microgaming)
  • Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays (NetEnt)
  • Thunderstruck II (Microgaming)
  • Wild Scarabs (Microgaming)
  • Golden Fish Tank (Yggdrasil Gaming)

Consider the mechanics

As discussed earlier, there is a big difference when it comes to the volatility of video slot games. High volatile games offer higher payout while low volatile games  offer the opposite. While highly volatile games give big rewards in just a few spins, the risk is also high. Therefore, game volatility will give every player the idea if the game suits them or not. 

How to take advantage of the bonuses

Many, in fact most video slot games have bonus features that either help or pose as obstacles to players. Many bonus features help players by boosting their potential winnings. Multipliers and free spins, for instance give players the chance to further increase their winnings. However there are some games that have features that may be treated as challenges since they draw you farther from getting the winning combos.

Bonus features, in many instances, help players increase their chances of winning as well as the rewards. Wild symbols increase the chances of getting the winning combinations by replacing the other regular symbols. Scatter symbols, on the other hand, give players the chance to further increase their rewards by triggering the free spins feature of the game. 

The bonus features of video slot games are not to be underestimated. These will simply make or break your bank. However, the reality is that using them or their presence in the games determines how often the players will get wins. 

If you manage to get some information when there is a slot tournament, on top of a welcome bonus or a bonus that’s better than most, and you can hit a high volatility slot you’d hit the jackpot. Not the actual jackpot, but you could be making it away with the bonus money, slot tournament winnings, and a big win, or perhaps a MEGA GIANT WIN as it pops up in some slots.

How to determine volatility

Volatility in online slots can be calculated and tracked after about 500 to 1000 spins. This means that the data or information that you need to determine the volatility of a game is after you spent some time playing. 

Another ingenious way of determining the volatility of a video slot game is to check the difference between the payout of four identical symbols that are on an active payline. Compare them with the payout of five identical symbols on an active payline. A difference of about 3x to 5x of the total amount means that the game has a low volatility. On the other hand, if the difference is about 10x to 15x then the game has a high volatility.

The choice of video slot games with their respective volatility greatly depends on the preference of the gamer. Many experts believe and suggest that the demo games should be tried first before jumping in the water. 

Final thoughts

Playing online slots can either deplete or fill your pockets. Choosing the game that is right for you greatly depends on your preference. Checking the profile of the game that you like will give you an idea whether it is the right one for you. The volatility of the game itself can give enough information whether to play it or not. It is also best to try the video slot game first before playing the real game. This strategy will help you determine if the game fits your needs. Low and High volatile games may differ in many aspects but still, both types of games come with features that make them adored by many online slot enthusiasts.