Slot Tournaments


Playing online slots is always fun and exciting especially if you are playing it against someone. Playing in a slot tournament is your chance of competing against other online slot enthusiasts. Do not think of it as a head on collision but as a race of whoever will have the most accumulated winnings at the end of the tournament. 

Format of Slot Tournaments

In many casinos, Slot Tournaments are treated as a special event to attract more customers and players. If you visit a casino, oftentimes you will see a part or portion of the casino that is cordoned by ropes. This is to designate that area for the slot tournaments. You will also see the players spinning the reels at a fast pace. You will just feel and experience the adrenaline rush of the participants. 

Participants of this event have a particular number of credits and a set amount of time to play. Casinos are able to monitor the winnings that the player receives and the one who has the most wins and amount of coins wins the competition. What do you get from playing? Well, not only the winnings, but also new friends and fans as well.

Rules, Strategies and special tips

Just like in any slot machine, playing in slot tournaments will require luck, lots of it. Although many veterans participate in slot tournaments, they have acquired particular skills on how to win in slot tournaments. 

Slot tournaments may be different from playing regular slot games since players are not using their own money to play. This is a good news as players can bet as much as long as it permits. The number of wins is what counts and if players want to have more chances of winning, they need to play as many as possible. 

In addition to these, tournament participants are given a time limit to play. In most instances, they are given extra time to insert the coins and spin the reels. The key is to maximize the time and not to waste any of it to make more wins as possible. 

As these tips are effective in playing in traditional slot tournaments, the same principle also applies to online slot tournaments. Players must make use of their speed and the allocated money within the given set of time. It is also highly advisable to familiarize oneself to the controls and the platform. This will be very important in the long run. 

How to Win

Of course the question that many aspiring players are asking is how to win in slot tournaments. Bear in mind that winning in slot tournaments takes a lot of luck and there is no guarantee that you will be winning all the time. Here are some guides and tips on how to be in an advantage if you are participating in any slot tournament:

  • As mentioned earlier, players need to spin fast and continuously. This is also advisable for beginners. Players also need to focus and concentrate in spinning the reels as this is one of the best ways to tin in any slot tournament.
  • In most online slots, there is a button for max bet. Clicking this button is recommended as there is a time limit and all the credits must be consumed before the time runs out. Not only that players will consume the credits faster but will also have bigger payouts for every win. As such, the rank of the player will be higher and the credits that are gained will be bigger.
  • There are many games that have different paylines. Players are then recommended to play all the paylines to maximize the potential of winning.
  • It is also important not to get distracted to be able to efficiently spin the reels. There are some instances that participants of the slot tournament get distracted when they win. Celebrating too early is not always a good thing. Remember that wins are accumulated and that losing one’s concentration may diminish the number of potential wins.

Online Slot Tournaments

Now that you have an idea on what slot tournaments are, you will have more thrill and fun with online slot tournaments. As technology advances, online slots also have innovative developments to attract more customers and to give players more excitement and challenges in playing online slots. 

By definition, online slot tournaments are practically regular casino events. In this case, players have a chance to win a prize or points through a particular period of time. This can be achieved either through betting or winning in online slot games as well as getting a higher rank than other participants. 

Online slot tournaments also have unique features as compared with the traditional slot machines. Just like the online slots being played these days, online slot tournaments have unique and innovative features. Examples of which are theme, leaderboard, freeroll, and others. 

One of the features of online slot tournaments is that they have a fixed prize pool. Gone are the days that the winnings are based on the contributions of the players such as playing or registration fees. In the online slot tournament, the prizes that can be won are already announced. Prize pool is actually the total prizes that top players can share after every tournament. 

Playson - St. Patrick’s Pots of Gold Slot Tournament
Playson runs a lot of interesting Tournaments

Participating in online slot tournaments is also more compelling as players can choose the theme or developer they want to play on. For instance, gamers may opt to play games that have adventure, mythology, or halloween themes in them. 

Another cool feature of online slot tournaments is that players can either choose to participate or automatically be part of the tournament. Players also need not worry about paying any entry fee as credits are already deposited in the account of the players.

Winning in online slot tournaments also offer players prizes that they can use in playing regular online slot games. There are four different prizes that can be won and these are free spins, cash, bonus, or comp points.   

It is also recommended to read the rules of any online slot tournament players want to join. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications. This is also to give the players an idea on the mechanics of the tournament as well as the possible prizes they will get when they win.

Moreover, winning in online slots may also need the use of certain skills and strategy. Most important of all, players need not be distracted when playing. Whether by your social media notifications, music, or films, it is imperative that players do not lose their focus. As much as many players want to do, limit the frequency of checking the leaderboard. This would consume time and do remember that every second counts when playing online slot tournaments. 

The spin button is the best friend of any online slot tournament participant. Spin the reels as many as possible as this will also increase the chances of winning in the game. 

Examples of previous tournaments

Recently, online slot enthusiasts were given the chance to participate in various online slot tournaments. For instance, Playson offers online slot tournament participants the adventure and treasure of the lifetime. Playson’s Clash for Cash tournament offers massive winnings when gamers play in the latest video slot games. 

The games included in Playson’s list are the following:

  • Book of Gold: Classic
  • Book of Gold: Double Chance
  • Book of Gold: Symbol Choice
  • Burning Wins: Classic 5 Lines
  • Crystal Land
  • Fruit Xtreme
  • Legend of Cleopatra
  • Red Chilli Wins
  • Rome: Caesar’s Glory
  • Solar Queen

Where you can play Slot Tournaments

Online slot enthusiasts have various options on where to play online slot tournaments. These casinos offer you the chance to become the best of the best. Read on to learn more about these casinos:

  • Playson and Boongo Gaming continuously give casinos a chance to connect to their Tournaments. Where the prizes vary but could reach up to €40k and even more.
  • Videoslots Battle of the Slots – this casino offers new tournaments as often as every hour of the day. Players may choose from some of the popular developers and providers such as NetEnt, WMS, and Thunderkick. 
  • Vera & John Slot Tournaments – Vera & John offers one or two tournaments on mobile or online. These games give the players the opportunity to bag a piece of the prize pool. Another good thing about these casinos is that they sometimes offer some mega tournaments that are based on the concepts of World Cups and Olympics.
  • Rizk Casino – the Rizk Races give the players multiple chances to win special features such as free spins, free money, and super spins as long as the games are played on a higher bet level. The frequency of playing is also higher as new events are offered every thirty minutes and every Rizk Race lasts about twenty five minutes. Players may win through a point system. 
  • Casumo Casino – Casumo Reel Races offer online slot games from some of the popular developers and providers such as NetEnt, IGT, and Play’n GO. Tournament events are offered every thirty minutes and each event takes about twenty minutes. Just like in Rizk Casino, players may win the tournament through points from wins, big wins, mega wins, and most consecutive wins.