1001 Spins review: First Person Mega Ball by Evolution gaming

Line up big wins in this exciting RNG casino game! First Person Mega Ball puts you in control of this unique ball game. It’s a beautiful Random Number Generator (RNG) version of Evolution gamings Live Mega Ball.

It’s all about getting as many lines per Mega Ball Card as possible! 51 balls will be drawn from the Ball Draw Machine, and when the last ball has been drawn you collect your winnings. The Mega Ball at the end adds excitements as it can multiply your winnings!

How much you win depends on how many lines you have won. Each card contains 5×5 squares and the center square is free. It is possible to set the value of each card. You decide how much each card will cost you, from €0.1 up to €100.

You are in control and decide when it is time to start playing by clicking on the Play button. As soon as you click Play, 20 balls will be drawn and the numbers are automatically marked on your Mega Ball Cards. The cards are updated and sorted automatically as the balls are drawn, with the card nearest to winning placed at the top. In the user interface, you will get information on how much you can win if a specific ball is drawn, which makes the game extra exciting! When all balls have been drawn, a random multiplier is generated, and a Mega Ball is drawn. You can now see potential winnings if the Mega Ball is on the winning line in the user interface.

The paytable will tell you how much you have won. If your line contains a multiplier, your winnings will be multiplied accordingly.


  • Using well-known Bingo style game mechanics.
  • Built on Evolutions extremely successful multiplier concept.


  • Approximately 95%

How to play First Person Mega Ball

  1. Set the value of your cards and how many you want to purchase.
  2. The balls are drawn and the Mega Ball Cards are automatically sorted. See which balls you need to win.
  3. The multiplier for the Mega Ball is generated at the end of the game round.
  4. Enjoy the excitement of multiplied winnings.

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