Spaceman Review

Spaceman Review


Catch this flight to space alongside a Spaceman and travel to the stars to get big rewards. Spaceman is Pragmatic Play‘s first Crash game that takes players on an intergalactic adventure to play a game of chance to prepare for blast off and earn massive payouts!


Game FactDetail
Provider:Pragmatic Play
Max Payout:5000x
Game Release Date:03/24/2022

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

Spaceman is Pragmatic Play‘s first take on the Crash games format, which takes players on an intergalactic quest alongside a spaceman surrounded by the stars and planets. Watch as the spaceman soars through space as players play a game of chance to make real-time decisions to choose between cashing out or holding out for bigger cash prizes before the game crashes.

Spaceman is set in outer space among the stars and is developed with high-quality graphics and engaging sound effects that showcase the excitement and suspense of the Crash mechanics. With an RTP of 95% and a unique 50% cashout feature, players can secure half their stakes and hold out for bigger (and riskier) rewards.

Pragmatic Play‘s Spaceman immerses players in a highly social atmosphere that promotes interactivity and feeds into the fun and thrill the Crash mechanics deliver. Spaceman also boasts a maximum payout of 5000x, letting players take the chance to cash out up to 500,000.

Game Features

Pragmatic Play presents Spaceman, the provider’s first slot powered by Crash mechanics. Spaceman is an online multiplayer game that projects people in an engaging environment and encourages people to utilize the chat option and interact with other players.

How to Play: Players are asked to place and confirm their bets before every round. Once the main character blasts off, players can watch the 1.0x multiplier increase with every second that passes as they make real-time decisions to choose their perfect time to fully cash out or cash out 50% to win before the game crashes and they lose their bets. This game tests your luck to see if you can beat the crash and cash out before the spaceman’s flying device breaks.

Spaceman is a game of chance that creates fast-paced, high-stakes gaming experiences where players can have a fun, suspenseful time playing among other players for a chance to win up to 5,000 times the stake.

Conclusion & verdict

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play serves as the provider’s first attempt at the new trend of Crash games that have slowly but steadily entered the online gaming scene. With an RTP of 95%, this multiplayer game creates a thrilling game of chance that tests player luck and real-time decision-making skills with fast-paced outcomes. Pragmatic has since added more Crash games to there portfolio – Big Bass Crash is also an excellent choice if you want to get in on some top-tier crash action.

This 2022 release has standard, straight-to-the-point space-themed visuals with high-quality graphics and matching sound effects that complement the theme’s futuristic elements with the gameplay’s suspense levels. The tiny spaceman character is the game’s main focus and they are surrounded by the night sky with stars and planets all over the screen. The game’s interface is also user-friendly and includes chat options for interacting with other players or communicating with a live support agent.

In terms of gameplay, the Crash mechanics seem like a good fit with the game’s premise as it shares many similarities with the Aviator game that highlights the mechanics so well. Like with the Aviator game, players place and confirm their bets before watching the main character go off, and the multiplier increases as they wait for the perfect time to cash out before the game crashes and they lose their stakes. Spaceman’s visuals, sound effects, and animations all encapsulate the thrill and suspense of the gameplay and creates a exciting atmosphere for all the players.

Overall, Spaceman is a great first attempt at tackling the rising popularity of Crash games in the market. Pragmatic Play did a fantastic job of aligning the theme with other Crash games while maintaining the Pragmatic identity to go along with the rest of their gaming portfolio. Spaceman is a great first start for Pragmatic Play to explore this new realm of gaming and is perfect for any high-stakes players who would dare take the chance and play to their luck to win massive payouts.

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