Big Bass Crash Review

Big Bass Crash Review


Pragmatic Play introduces Big Bass Crash, the latest addition to the popular Big Bass series. This multiplayer game incorporates Crash mechanics and takes players on an exciting fishing-themed gameplay that lets you make decisions in real-time and win big rewards!

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Game FactDetail
Game:Big Bass Crash
Provider:Pragmatic Play
Max Payout:5000x
Game Release Date:9/27/2023

Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play

Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play is the latest addition to the popular Big Bass franchise that offers an exhilarating social gaming experience that takes you on a trip with a familiar fisherman to catch big loads of fish by making real-time decisions to cash out just in time to catch your winnings before the crash.

Big Bass Crash is an immersive multiplayer game that explores the depths of the ocean alongside the main character and his trusty fishing line, just waiting for the fish to bite. This game follows one of Pragmatic Play‘s most successful 2022 releases, Spaceman, with the integration of the Crash mechanics that introduces new ways to engage with the game and elevate gaming excitement.

With a unique gaming interface, an RTP of 95.5%, and a maximum payout of 5000x your stake, Big Bass Crash provides players with socially-led gameplay that encourages you to play with friends and win massive payouts.

Game Features

Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play is an interactive game that promotes the social aspect of gambling online. This game promotes interactivity in a highly social setting in fast-paced, high-stakes gameplay.

To play the game, all players must confirm their bets and watch the 1x multiplier increase as the fisherman uses his net to catch fish. This is a game of chance, meaning the player’s objective is to cash out in time before the ‘Crash.’ Players are given two options in cashing out: to cash it all out or to cash out half now or half later.

The longer you wait for the multiplier to increase, the bigger your cashout can be. But if you wait too long and the boat crashes before you cash out, you lose your bet. Additionally, if the game happens to crash at 1.0x, all bets are lost. The maximum payout for this game is 5,000x your stake, which can lead to up to 500,000 in winnings.

Conclusion & verdict

Big Bass Crash is Pragmatic Play‘s exciting 2023 release and the latest addition to the provider’s well-loved Big Bass franchise. This multiplayer game features the rising Crash mechanics that have slowly entered its way into mainstream gaming.

This new wave of Crash games has been refreshing to play and immerses players in a highly social atmosphere that makes for a riveting gaming experience different from the typical slot game. Big Bass Crash is developed with a user-friendly interface that allows players to personalize the game to their betting styles and also includes a live chat that lets you interact with other players, adding a fun social element to the gameplay.

Big Bass Crash is Pragmatic Play‘s second Crash game, with Spaceman being the first back in 2022. Crash mechanics highlight passion and risk by putting players in a position to choose whether to cash out or hold out for a bigger winning, risking the possibility of the game crashing and losing all their bets. This gameplay is similar to the Aviator game, where players also take on the game of chance, where they place their bets and then are given the option of withdrawing any time just before the plane disappears from view and they lose.

Aviator and Crash games have been taking over the online world of gaming. Pragmatic Play‘s strategic move to combine this mechanic with one of their most popular franchises has gained both Crash and Big Bass more recognition, introducing a wide variety of players to the exciting, fast-paced gameplay that Crash mechanics has to offer.

Overall, Big Bass Crash is a great addition to Pragmatic Play‘s gaming repertoire and the Big Bass series. This high-stakes fishing game has an RTP of 95.5% and high-quality graphics with matching sound effects that elevate the thrill and excitement of the Crash experience. Tag along Big Bass‘ favorite fisherman for a chance to take home up to 5000x your stake!

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