1001Spins reviews: Speed Blackjack by Evolution Live Gaming

Speed Blackjack by Evolution Gaming announced on social media

The revolution from Evolution continues and it has finally reached the world’s most popular card game – Blackjack!

On the 12th of December, one day before Lucia, and less than two weeks from Christmas, that Evolution Gaming posted a teaser on their Youtube and LinkedIn of their latest upcoming game Speed Blackjack.

We’ve witnessed Evolution Gaming bringing innovation inflation to the live casino sector the past years, with their new games and fresh takes on live casino classics. Releases such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning dice, Dream catcher, Super Sci Bo, Monopoly live and many other games have hardly gone unnoticed by any gambler or live casino fan out there.

“Blackjack just got faster, checkout this exclusive first look at our newest game!” 

Speed Black (2019-12-12) Evolution Gaming
Speed Blackjack by Evolution Gaming table text

What’s new in Speed Blackjack from Evolution Live?

What’s new with Evolution gamings new version of Blackjack is that they now want to make faster obviously. We really think that the New Speed Blackjack might be the deal of the decade but we also believe that there is more to it than what the first meet’s the eye and that they got an ace up their sleeve…

The way this game is different and why it’s so much faster than any ordinary version of Blackjack is how the cards are dealt after all players receiving their first two cards. The order of the dealing depends on how fast you make your betting decision. Instead of dealing from left to right like at a normal Blackjack table, the dealer now deals all over the table, in any order, depending on who is quickest to act.

Rules of Speed Blackjack

Evolution Gaming Speed Blackjack - Rules explained
These are the new rules of Speed Blackjack – Got it?

But what happens if you get a split, for example, you might ask? If there’s more than one player who gets a split is that the dealer gives each player whos decided to split an additional card and then give the next card to whoever made their decision the fastest next.

If you’re trying to be stupid we can already tell you that you’re only going to be able to occupy one seat and can’t imagine anyone being able to take calculated decisions faster than the cards are dealt so be reasonable with your abilities. For more info and a quick live preview of the game, we suggest you watching Neils clip posted below.

Where can I play Speed Blackjack?

Online casinos that will be offering Speed Blackjack to their players (start Monday next week) will be those with who previously got Evolution games and had their live portfolio integrated. Here are some of our favorite casinos which will be offering Speed Blackjack on its release date.

Best Online casinos to play Speed Blackjack:

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