1001 Spins reviews: Crazy Time by Evolution gaming

Get ready to play the most fun casino game ever made and go crazy with wild multipliers and more bonus games than ever!

It’s a bold statement, but Evolution gaming has created a true game show that’s both fun to play and watch. Endless entertainment for your players is guaranteed.

Crazy Time is a wheel game based on the Evolutions Dream Catcher concept and is filled with bonus games and wild multipliers. Remember to place a bet on the bonus game to take part in the bonus round!


  • Built on the successful Dream Catcher concept
  • Loaded with multipliers and 4 bonus games.

Game background

The very first release in this series from Evolution gaming was their highly successful Wheel game, Dream Catcher.

Dream Catcher (2017)

It was a groundbreaking concept to the online live casino industry at that time to launch something “as traditional” as a tombola wheel-based game. But Evolution proved everyone wrong and their concept is unique and still kept themselves more or less

The second runner up in the series was the game that we all played, loved and saw so much of on Youtube in 2019, Monopoly Live.

Monopol Live (2019)

A Monopoly style bonus game was added to the “Dream Catcher Wheel” and when it was triggered, players entered a Monopoly dice game that could pay insane amounts.

Todd Haushalter, chief product officer at Evolution Gaming, posted a video on his LinkedIn of a (non-progressive jackpot) bonus paying out more than US$5,000,000, which might even be the biggest “table game” win of all times.

Crazy Time (2020)

It might seem obvious but Evolution gaming identified that players absolutely Loooved the bonus games with a big L and several ooo. Therefore as a third and final step?! in the evolution of this series, Evolution gaming went absolutely, donkey banans, and launches Crazy Time

Crazy Time has 4 possible bonus games

Crazy Time offers players more fun, more rewards, and more bonus by adding multipliers and 4 bonus games instead of just one as in Monopoly Live. And you will be playing bonus rounds constantly, with a bonus round set to triggered every 6th spin!

For this game, Evolution gaming has spared nothing and hasn’t held back on anything. This has led to Crazy Time becoming the world’s most expensive live casino game ever made, by far! We’re all excited so let’s dive in to see what the new bonus games are how they function, what this game is about and what it really has to offer.

Bonus game #1 – Pachinko

Crazy Time – Pachinko

The character in the bonus game picks a ball and drops it from the top. The highlighted lane tells him where to drop the ball after which it trickles down into a slot. We always hope it falls on a double, in which case, the ball is picked up again and re-dropped.

The ideal scenario for the game is to get unlimited doubles. Meaning the ball is re-dropped in an eternity.

Bonus game #2 – Cash hunt

Crazy Time – Cash Hunt

180 different prizes with random multipliers are added to the Cash Hunt screen face up. They are then turned face down and scrambled up, then shuffled. You are then given a shot to shoot (choose) which prize you want. Every player gets a different outcome to the game depending on which symbol he or she chooses at the beginning of the game.

The ideal scenario for the game is if you Enter with a 50x and then get 500x for winning the biggest prize giving you a maximum payout of 25,000x.

Bonus game #3 – Coin flip

Crazy Time – Coin Flip

The coin flip is what it sounds like but there is a bit more two it than choosing heads or tale, win or lose and be done with it.

Different multipliers are added to each side of the coin and your job is to choose whether you want to play with the Blue or Red multiplier value.

The ideal scenario for the game is if you Enter with a 50x and then get 100x giving you a maximum payout of 5,000x.

Bonus game #4 – Crazy Time

Crazy Time – Crazy Time

This is where you can win the highest amount and multipliers of all the different bonus games.

Its the worlds biggest Dream Catcher Wheel featuring 3 different flappers. Players choose themselves which one of the flappers that will dictate their outcome of that round.

The ideal scenario for the game is if you enter with a 50x, add a couple of doubles and then land a 200x giving you a maximum payout of 160,000x +++.

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