NetEnt’s Buster’s Bones Slot Game: Join Buster on the Reels to Collect Bones and Win!

NetEnt releases new Buster’s Bones™ slot game

NetEnt has just released its latest video slot game called Buster’s Bones™ which promises to entertain players with its unique gameplay and exciting features. With a Wild symbol represented by a friendly dog named Buster, this Cluster Pays™ slot game invites players to join Buster as he prowls the reels to collect bones and leave Wilds behind, amassing a win multiplier along the way.

The Buster’s Bones™ Feature

The game’s main feature is called the Buster’s Bones™ Feature, where players can earn multiplying bonuses by collecting bones scattered throughout the game’s dusty canyon landscape. When Buster lands on a bone, he picks it up and leaves behind a Wild symbol in its place while also increasing the win multiplier. If Buster manages to collect all the bones, the wins will increase dramatically as Buster’s bonus becomes triggered.

A Thrilling Slot Game Experience

NetEnt has taken a simple concept of a dog collecting bones and turned it into a thrilling slot game experience. The Cluster Pays™ system used in this game means that players don’t need to worry about paylines, but instead must land at least nine symbols adjacent to one another to trigger a win. This refreshing new take on traditional slot games, combined with the exciting Buster’s Bones™ Feature, is sure to appeal to both casual and seasoned players.

Closing thoughts: A must-try for slot game enthusiasts

Buster’s Bones™ is a charming and entertaining slot game that showcases NetEnt’s creativity and game development expertise. With its unique Cluster Pays™ system and exciting Buster’s Bones™ Feature, this slot game is a must-try for any slot game enthusiast. Join Buster as he prowls the dusty back roads of the canyon, collecting bones and increasing his win multiplier, and enjoy the thrilling gameplay experience that NetEnt has crafted.