Neko Games launches: Mae do Ouro Golden Spirit

Neko Games redefines classic bingo gameplay with Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit

Neko Games is a rising game developer founded in 2019 with a mission to redefine bingo games by combining traditional mechanics with advanced game features that take classic gameplay to a whole new level.

The Argentina-based provider’s latest release, Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit, is inspired by a local legend from Brazil that explores the story of a woman’s spirit who took care of golden mines in an adventure of discovery. This alluring game is now available to all Games Global customers worldwide.

Experience an exhilarating adventure of discovery, where a fascinating blend of history and myth unfolds alongside rewarding features and rich instant bingo gameplay.

Neko Games

Mae do Ouro Golden Spirit

Set in the foothills of the Brazilian wilderness, this exhilarating video bingo adventure is led by Mae do Ouro, or the Golden Mother, who can guide you to big blazing bonuses like free rounds, wild balls, extra balls, and the fiery Fireballs Jackpots Bonus that can lead up to 10,000x a player’s stake. The game also has an RTP of 95% and high volatility, promising exciting gameplay for bingo players everywhere.

Before its official launch last November 27th, Neko Studios had been teasing this exciting new game for weeks and have shared how it showcases a newer version of bingo with its attractive visuals and inclusion of mini-games and bonuses that can attract new players to the world of video bingo gaming.

The team over at Neko Studios has also expressed the importance of launching this game mainly to the Brazilian market, especially since the game is directly inspired by a local legend from Minas Gerais but are positive that this game will also be greatly received by audiences worldwide.

While the provider has been known to focus on their primary market, Neko Games has had a fair share of success stories beyond its local market and has proven that they are a company to watch in the coming years.

Key Takeaways from Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit

  • Neko Games launches Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit as their latest masterpiece to elevate the way players play video bingo
  • Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit is inspired by a popular legend from Minas Gerais. The character Mae do Ouro, is a Brazilian mythological creature known to guard gold mines
  • This latest release includes attractive visuals and exciting bonus features like Free Rounds, Wild Balls, Extra Balls, and a Fireballs Jackpots Bonus that can pay up to 10,000x the stake
  • Since its establishment in 2019, Neko Games has been dedicated to transforming classic gameplay into thrilling adventures that both old and new bingo players can trust and enjoy

Hot Take

Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit is a great addition to Neko Games’ solid portfolio of innovative video bingo games that create exciting gaming adventures rooted in the classic, traditional bingo mechanics that have been popularized in the online gambling industry for years.

Mae do Ouro: Golden Spirit’s theme, visuals, and dynamic features add a certain layer of appeal that will attract bingo enthusiasts. The game offers a unique experience that takes players on an adventure of discovery led by the Brazilian folklore figure who guards golden mines. Mixed with the thrilling bonuses, it makes for solid, lucrative gameplay.

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