Mansion Group Ceases their B2C Operations, Marking the End of an Era

Mansion Group Closing their doors to players and affiliates

In a seismic shift that promises to reshape the landscape of online gaming, Mansion Group, a stalwart in the iGaming industry, has made a momentous announcement, marking the end of an era. Mansion Group is closing their doors to players and affiliates, which has sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

Renowned platforms like and will cease operations on October 26, 2023. This pivotal decision is the latest chapter in Mansion Group’s storied history.

Mansion Group Closing Down its B2C Operations

While this was a difficult decision to make, we want to ensure that we assist our valued partners to navigate this process in the smoothest way possible. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this process and wish you well for the future. Warm regards, Mansion Affiliates Team.

– Mansion Group
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Mansion Casino Closing – Key Takeaways:

Global Impact: Mansion Group’s decision to close its B2C operations is not confined to a specific regional market. It’s a global move, impacting players and affiliates across the world. The repercussions of this decision will undoubtedly be felt far and wide in the iGaming ecosystem.

Strategic Realignment: This closure aligns with Mansion Group’s broader strategy to streamline its focus and channel its energies exclusively into its iCasino operations. It signifies a strategic response to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in the iGaming industry, which Mansion Group has successfully navigated for years.

A History of Achievement: Mansion Group’s journey in the iGaming sector has been remarkable. Established in 2003, the company swiftly made waves with the launch of, a platform that quickly gained traction among players globally. This marked the beginning of Mansion Group’s commitment to the iGaming space.

Over the years, Mansion Group has consistently delivered diverse and immersive gaming experiences. It expanded its portfolio with the introduction of, offering a comprehensive suite of casino games that captivated players.

Financial Challenges: Despite its remarkable achievements, Mansion Group has faced its share of financial challenges, partly attributed to the actions of its former CEO and a substantial fine from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. These trials have only underscored the resilience and adaptability of the company.

Effect on Affiliates: The impact of Mansion Group’s decision is not limited to its internal operations. Affiliate partners, who have played an integral role in the company’s journey, will experience both challenges and opportunities. Mansion Group has been proactive in notifying affiliates about the impending closures. The affiliate program is set to close by the end of November, and affiliates have been encouraged to close their accounts by October 31. Mansion Group has committed to processing earnings of at least $10, offering a degree of financial continuity to its valued partners.

Progressive Exits: This isn’t the first time Mansion Group has streamlined its portfolio. In March 2022, it bid farewell to its online sportsbook, MansionBet, aligning with its strategic objectives and a commitment to evolve with the industry’s demands.

UK Market Exit: Mansion Group’s decision to withdraw from the UK gaming market earlier in 2023 was a response to increasingly stringent regulations, with a focus on player protection and industry integrity. This decision impacted not just and but also

Effect on Customers: For the loyal customers who have relished the offerings of and over the years, this marks the end of an era. Mansion Group has been proactive in notifying its customer base about the impending closures, providing ample time for users to manage their accounts and any existing balances. However, it’s undoubtedly a loss for players who have cherished these platforms as part of their iGaming journey.

Uncertain Future: While Mansion Group hasn’t divulged detailed future plans, it’s essential to monitor the company’s next moves, especially considering its long-standing reputation and global presence in the iGaming sector. The question that looms is, “What’s next for Mansion Group?” And what will happen to the domains and


In conclusion, Mansion Group’s decision to cease its B2C operations, including and, has profound ramifications in the iGaming world. It is symbolic of the ever-changing nature of the iGaming industry and the resilience required to thrive in it. As Mansion Group embarks on its new journey, the gaming community, including affiliates and customers, awaits further insights into its strategic direction. This marks a pivotal moment in the history of online gaming, and the industry watches with bated breath as Mansion Group charts its next chapter, enriched by a history of achievements and milestones.

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