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The origin story.

Okay here we’re going to tell you the origin story of The Mill Adventure, they’re a bunch of very talented developers that have been working for some of the biggest casino and other niches companies in the world, they did, however, due to different circumstances feel that they were limited with the companies they were in.

Years after leaving one of the founders started to meet up with others that had once worked along his side. It started out small and humble, in the beginning, it was only two people but it grew and grew until it was four of them and then it exploded in numbers.

Hungry to prove themselves once again to make better platforms even more successful than in the past they’ve finally released their first casino – Frank & Fred Casino.

Some of the developers have also been some of the main contributors to the frameworks that they are using. Being noted down with thank you’s and main people behind frameworks used by the biggest companies in the world such as Google, Microsoft and many more. This means that expectations were high, but from the first looks with the first casino we’re hoping for absolutely groundbreaking things in the future.

Casinos currently on the Mill platform.

Frank & Fred Casino

3.8 rating
Frank & Fred Casino: Get up 300 Freespins and up to €500 Bonus on deposit.



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MGA/B2C/716/2019Type 1 Gaming Services• Net Ent Malta Limited MGA/B2B/109/2004
Play’n Go Malta Limited MGA/B2B/225/2012
• Relax Gaming Limited MGA/B2B/246/2013
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But why “The Mill”?

Panemone Windmill

We’ve talked to many people from “TMA” or The Mill Adventure and for many of them they talk about the “grind”. Constantly being in motion and working on producing something great that benefits people has been one of the driving factors within the people in the company, and then it’s very fitting that we’re talking about windmills which just keeps on going.

So, it’s a bit strange but we’ll take you on a short trip back history to give you some backstory on Mills in general.

The mill in the form that we know it appeared in Persia around 500AD. Commonly name Panemone Windmill, it is amazingly designed and proof of that is that some of them are still in use in Iran.

There’s obviously some time between and even some other Mill-like creations before the first windmills in Northern Europe, but they date back from the 1180s and have a very different design. The vertical axis becomes horizontal.

Post Windmill

By the end of the thirteenth century, the masonry tower mill, on which only the cap is rotated rather than the whole body of the mill, had been introduced

The wind turbines were introduced by the end of the 19thcentury. Are still being used with several different designs to produce clean energy.

And then we have the Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. It is a new alternative to wind turbines. It is a very simple design inspired by the original Persian windmill but redesigned for the future and optimized for maximum efficiency.

We spoke to the designer who said he was indeed inspired by this unique redesign of something so old into something futuristic and efficient. So he decided to base the logotype for the Mill Adventure on the Savonius Turbine.

Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.

Paul Rand – Legend of Logo Design

And as the quote states, it’s exactly that. So simple, yet so elegant is what we at the 1001 Spins Office have been saying as we’ve been exploring the ideas and the creation of the logo for The Mill Adventure LTD.

Here’s some sketches on the way to the final product:

Then finally we’ve reached the end of the logo creation and we’re duly impressed. If this is the amount of thought and work put into just the logo you can only dream to think of how they tackle the other parts of their platform.