Introducing Gargantoonz: The Next Chapter in the Reactoonz Series


Introducing Gargantoonz: The Next Chapter in the Reactoonz Series

Play’n GO, a leading provider in the iGaming industry, is known for delivering innovative and immersive slot games that captivate players. One of their most beloved series is Reactoonz, and they are back with a thrilling new addition to the franchise – Gargantoonz. This new grid slot takes players on a cosmic journey filled with exciting features and jaw-dropping visuals.

Gargantoonz builds upon the success of its predecessor, Gigantoonz, offering players even more grid slot powers and an enhanced gaming experience. Set in the vast depths of space, the game features a 7×7 cascading grid with a stunning deep blue backdrop reminiscent of a sci-fi void. The vibrant Reactoonz character symbols add a splash of color to the cosmic setting.

The objective of Gargantoonz is to clear five or more alien-themed clusters to form a win. But this is not your ordinary grid slot. Dr Toonz, the brilliant scientist behind the Reactoonz series, has devised a series of experiments to unlock exciting features and increase the player’s chances of winning.

In Gargantoonz, players will encounter Gamma Rays, the Black Hole, and Supernova – the intergalactic experiments that Dr Toonz has prepared. By charging the meter, players can unleash these experiments, which introduce additional wilds, multipliers, and other surprises to the grid. The ultimate goal is to evolve the small Gargantoon to its apex form, as seen in the prequels, and unlock unimaginable riches.

“We’re so happy that the Reactoonz series is back with more out-of-this-world features.”

The addition of these experiment-driven features adds depth and excitement to the overall story of the Reactoonz series. Play’n GO has always been at the forefront of grid slot innovation, with titles like Energoonz and GEMiX pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this genre. With Gargantoonz, they continue to pioneer zero gravity immersion and deliver a gaming experience like no other.

Key Takeaways

  • Play’n GO has released a new grid slot game, Gargantoonz, as part of their popular Reactoonz series.
  • Gargantoonz features a 7×7 cascading grid set in a cosmic space backdrop.
  • The game introduces experimental features such as Gamma Rays, the Black Hole, and Supernova to enhance the player’s chances of winning.
  • The goal is to evolve the small Gargantoon into its apex form and unlock incredible riches.
  • Play’n GO continues to innovate in the grid slot genre, offering players an immersive and unique gaming experience.

Play’n GO Games Ambassador Magnus Wallentin shares his excitement about the new addition to the Reactoonz series:

“It’s been a year since their last adventure, and we pondered ways in which we could innovate the series – while still including all of the galactic features that make the series unique. That’s why we chose to include the Experiment Charger and bind Dr Toonz’s experimentation narrative to the grid slot features in Gargantoonz. When players use the Black Hole, Supernova, and Gamma Ray features, it really puts them at the heart of the experiment.”

If you’re ready to embark on a cosmic adventure filled with thrilling features and the chance to win big, Gargantoonz is the game for you. Experience the evolution of the Reactoonz series and discover the wonders of the universe like never before. Prepare for an out-of-this-world gaming experience with Gargantoonz at Play’n GO.

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