1001 Spins reviews: Starburst PowerPots by Netent

Starburst was the game that revolutionized the online gambling industry during the past decade and made it more mainstream to play slots. It somehow took away the stigma of playing online casino by making if fun, simple and exciting. How did it come to do so? It’s simple, colorful, has great sound effects, has a high RTP % is 96.09% and you win very often! However, variance or volatility is low which is why the regular version of Starburst is never featured in any BigWin compilations by Twitch and Youtube streamers and why regular slot players tend to move on to more high variance / high volatile games such as Dead or Alive for example.

This is all about to change…

Because NetEnt has decided to solve Starburst’s main “issue” by making an updated Jackpot version of Starburst which they named Starburst PowerPots. And this is truly groundbreaking.

Players play together to fill up the PowerPots progress bar to trigger the community jackpot.
The jackpot is shared among all contributing playerseven if they happen to be offline.

This new innovative jackpot version of Starburst is a concept that allows players to collect Starburst tokens at multiple online casinos & across several popular NetEnt games for a chance to win a huge community jackpot.

But it’s not as straight forward as it sounds. It’s actually more simple and much more interesting than you would have imagined or could have ever guessed.

Players play collectively to fill up the PowerPots progress bar. A full PowerPots progress bar triggers the jackpot and everyone who contributed collecting tokens shares the jackpotEven players that are offline when the jackpot falls out, get their fair share of the pie!

“This is community gaming without the overengineering and overthought on what slot players really want. This product can fit into any online casino’s portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life-changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots”

Bryan Upton (Games Director at NetEnt)

Where to play Starburst PowerPots?

You will most certainly be able to play this awesome new version of Starburst at practically any casino that offers NetEnt games and the regular version of Starburst today. This new innovation will most probably even get the operators who are not currently offering NetEnt games to start doing so. Find two of our recommended NetEnt casinos (Scatters and Lucky Days) below.

4.0 rating
Get up to 25€ Free Cash at Scatters Casino
3.8 rating
Get 100 free spins on first deposit plus 100% up to €100 at Lucky Days.

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