Lucky Lands Slot Review

Lucky Lands Slot Review


Luck may be hard to find, but Endorphina will deliver it right before you. Presenting a video slot filled with images and symbols of clover leaves and pots of gold that will bring every player the luck they need to win big rewards. Lucky Lands is a classic video slot with many opportunities for players to bring home some treasures!

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Game FactDetail
Game:Lucky Lands
Reels x Rows:5×4
Max Payout:1000x
Bonus Game:Yes
Feature Hit Frequency:N/A
Features:FreeSpins, FreeSpins Mode Choosing, Gamble, Multiplier, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Wild
Game Release Date:2018-07-16

Lucky Lands by Endorphina

All over the world, people have their own beliefs when it comes to lucky charms and fortunes. For instance, possessing a rabbit’s foot, discovering a four-leaf clover, not passing under a ladder, and many others. Like these many beliefs, Lucky Lands possesses images and symbols linked to good luck and fortune.

Lucky Lands has a cool, crisp 5-reel and 3-row appearance with 25 paylines. It also has an RTP of 96.00% and high volatility. This game also comes with special features that boost the potential winnings of its players. The graphics are the ones that attract new and veteran players as many of them venture to discover the perfect video slot game for them.

Paytable & Paylines

Lucky Lands is an adventure-filled video slot game that is packed with surprises. This game will take you to an Irish island to loot the leprechaun’s pot of gold. When you play the game, you will be welcomed by a girl to wish you luck in playing the game.

The reels are also filled with symbols that will bring each player the luck they need. The standard playing card symbols are intricately designed: the four-leaf clover, the ladybug, the rabbit foot, the horseshoe, and the acorn. These symbols have corresponding payouts that are simply impressive. Get the chance to win big prizes as you spin the reels and hit the winning combinations

Interestingly, Endorphina also added special symbols that will help boost the potential winnings further. The wild symbol, for instance, is the blond Irish girl, while the pot of gold is the scatter symbol. The game also has 25 paylines that give players good chances to form winning combinations.

Game Features

Lucky Lands is not just about spinning the reels and hitting the right combinations. It is all about having fun and getting the entertainment every player needs. Endorphina has added special features that will ensure that the players will win not only big winnings but also good entertainment to make the game more fun and enjoyable

The wild symbol replaces the other regular symbols to create the winning combinations. There is also the scatter symbol that, when at least three of them appear on the reels, will trigger the free spins and their associated multipliers.

Furthermore, players will have the chance to double their winnings by playing the Gamble Feature. This is a game of chance wherein players must choose the playing card with a higher value than the one already shown.

Conclusion & verdict

Endorphina ventures into the mystical Irish lands with Lucky Lands. This unique theme will surely get the attention of many slot players looking to explore something new. The enchanting forest in the background delivers the theme quite well. The music is charming and lively but clashes with the sound effect of winning reels when they overlap.

In terms of gameplay, Endorphina packed this slot with a lot of standard features that give players more chances of boosting their winnings. With the free spins feature and the popular Gamble feature, this uniquely themed game is filled with some of the most popular added bonuses that a lot of players enjoy.

Overall, Lucky Lands is a classic Endorphina slot with quite a fun theme. The visuals and audio are on the right track, which will surely pull in players looking for something whimsical to play. Endorphina did a good job of including well-loved bonuses in this slot, which makes it an easy game to recommend, along with its straightforward mechanics and pleasing visuals. Venture into Lucky Lands, and you might get yourself a pot of gold.

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