1001 Spins reviews: First Person Baccarat by Evolution gaming

The most true to life RNG Baccarat in the world with unique features and an in-game portal to Live Baccarat!

Combining the best of the First Person and Live Casino gaming worlds, Evolution gaming offers you more options than ever when playing a Random Number Generator (RNG) based game.

First Person Baccarat is your own VIP experience! Enter into an elegant private casino lounge where you can choose to play at one of 12 beautiful Baccarat tables, 6 Baccarat tables and 6 No Commission tables. It is easy to change table if you don’t like the trends at a particular table. You can easily sort the tables by the longest streak for your chosen road. Switch to No Commission tables at the click of a button. You have access to all the normal side bets, including Super 6 on No Commission tables. You can have a number of hands dealt to a specific table for free to build trends. Choose to deal free hands or shuffle the deck at your table or at all tables at once. You can ask to shuffle on single or multiple tables.

Examples of unique features:

  • The shuffle is animated at the table.
  • Exactly 8 decks are in the shoe and cards are burned after each shuffle.
  • The player cuts the deck when the shuffle is finished.
  • Sort tables by longest streak for selected road type.
  • A full range of customization options are available.
  • Live Chat support is available.


  • Access up to 12 tables.
  • The player can ask to shuffle on single or multiple tables.
  • Hands can be dealt for free to show trends.


  • Same as Baccarat and No Commission Baccarat.


First Person Baccarat uses 8 decks and is played with standard Baccarat rules and has the same side bets as Live Baccarat.

  1. Choose your table in the private lounge.
  2. Decks are shuffled at the table. You can cut the cards. Cards can be shuffled at any time.
  3. Choose which roads to display. Sort tables with the longest streak.
  4. Deal free hands to build trends.
How to play First person Baccarat #1
How to play First person Baccarat #2

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