1001 Spins reviews: Baccarat Multiplay by Evolution gaming

Play an unlimited number of tables simultaneously in Evolution gamings, Baccarat Multiplay!

Baccarat Multiplay is a useful tool that enables you to place bets at all our Live Baccarat tables in one user interface without joining each table separately. All the Evolution Baccarat tables are featured with a small version of the betting grid and the road type of your choice.

Evolution Gaming has made it easy for you to find the table with the longest streak. With a click on a button, all the tables can be sorted according to the longest streak for your chosen road. How epic is that?

It is also possible to view the video for up to five tables if you want to follow the game closer. Baccarat Multiplay makes it easy for you to place bets quickly without switching tables. When you place your bets, you will see the total bet for the table and a countdown timer showing the remaining betting time. Click on the video to expand a table to the full screen. Expanded tables will be removed from Baccarat Multiplay but they will reappear when closed. You can still bet on the rest of the tables in Baccarat Multiplay while playing a game in full screen.

Baccarat Multiplay can be used independently of other games. You can play any other game from the lobby and still place a bet in Baccarat Multiplay.


  • Join a table immediately when placing a bet
    – no need to open a table to place a bet.
  • Track patterns on different types of roads.
  • Sort tables according to the longest streak.

How to use Baccarat Multiplay

How to use Baccarat Multiplay
  1. Open Baccarat Multiplay from the Lobby or any Baccarat table.
  2. Decide which road type to display.
  3. Sort by the longest streak.
  4. Place bets. Notifications will be presented at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the notification takes you to back the table.

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