The first time in online casino history where you can play together!

First glance does NOT give the casino justice, it's an innovative casino which will probably be even better with time.
Looks a bit tame when you first give it glance.

1001 Spins reviews: Casino Bud – A social casino experience is the first white-label after Frank & Fred to be launched on The Mill Adventures casino platform. Both brands share the same MGA license from TMA but are operated as completely independent from each other.

Casinobud (the logo suggests it’s supposed to be written in lower case but we’ll give em a capital C) has got a fun, relaxed, and lovely group of people behind it . All with vast experience from gambling themselves and operating professionally within the online gaming space. With more than a decade of collected history, entertaining players alike from all around the globe, these people have seen it all.

Throughout these years, these buds have gathered their insights and ideas of how to make a better gaming experience and are now finally made it into a reality and are ready to share it with the world, me, and with you!

We are still waiting for an official release date but rumour has it that there will be a social component in play. So don’t look all surprised if you see some news in your social media feeds :). * Updated: It’s live as of 11/06/2020

Available markets, languages and currencies

Casinobud will be available for people with Finnish bank accounts. Euro € will be the accepted currency at Casinobud and even if Frank and Fred share the same MGA license, they won’t be operating on all the same markets from what we’ve heard or as far as we’ve understood at least. With English and Finnish on the site, Finland will be one of their core markets but we’ll have to wait and see what players from other markets will be accepted to this awesome new product. But as it stands now you’ll have to have a Finnish bank account to be able to login due to the usage of the pay and play in Finland.

Signup & Welcome bonus

This is what greets new players

Operating on the Finnish market today requires Pay and Play solutions from PSP providers such as Trustly. Casinobud offers exactly that and you are required to have a Finnish bank account at the moment to be able to get into the site. The picture above is what you are greeted with and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of welcome package of offer on Casinbud to be found. But they do have that exciting “Play Together” function which we’ll write about further down but also you can press the link to read our in-depth guide on it as it surely will be a bigger innovation that’s gonna spread across the casino business.

But the sign-up process is quite easy and it’s essentially the same on every Pay and Play brand or casinos where they make use of it. When you press the “Start Playing Now” Button as seen in the first picture you get a little popup where you have to choose which bank you’d like to use.

Choice of Banks for the Pay and Play deposit and login.

If you can’t really see which the options are we’ll just state them here:

  • Nordea
  • OP
  • S-Pankki
  • Danske Bank
  • Säästöpankki
  • POP Pankki
  • Aktia
  • Omaop
  • Ålandsbanken
  • Handelsbanken

After you’ve done this and finished your deposit you find a totally new website as from the one you first entered. You suddenly have a new menu on the side. With a profile picture for your account, which seems it’s not able to be changed at the moment but who knows what the future holds.

Then you get a right hand menu-bar which contains news, invites and if you’re making use of the play together feature the groups will pop up there.

Logged in state on Casinobud

Play together features

Let’s get into the juicy bits – the “play together” feature.

When you first arrived at the site you can see if you scroll down a bit, a lot of things regarding the play together feature but as it stands now, not everyone knows what the play together feature means and how it actually works so we’ve tried it out so that you would have a little bit of a better understanding of how it works.

But after you finished your first deposit you can instantly get to the part where you join different groups where you can play together with your friends or just random people on the platform. When you clicked over to the play together part on the menu you get a little pop up where it says “start playing together in 3 simple steps”.

The first step would be to create your group and then to enable your first session you just make a transfer your preferred amount to get started and others can then join your session and play together.

So to create you you press the button which says exactly that and yo get to choose your group name and your privacy settings, which means whether you want it to be public or not, if it’s public anyone can join it if it’s private we are guessing you can only invite people to it. Then you get a choice of how much you would like to transfer into the group session and the standard amount is 25 then its 50 and 100 euro. You can do as little as five euros as far as we’ve seen, then you have created your group and you are ready to start inviting people or waiting for people to join.

You have to be more than two people to be able to start your “playing together session”. When you are at your group session screen you can see your group performance and the number of people following which is just people looking at the stats of the group session and the news of how many wins or losses you have. But then there’s a very interesting feature where you can actually connect your Twitch account so people that are following your group session can check out your live stream right there on the site while you play – we find this to be an absolutely fantastic feature.

Look how nice it looks with the 1001 Spins stream there, which sadly is OFFLINE

When another person has joined your group, you get a little notification where it says you have enough participants and a little round picture will show up on your right-hand side. If you are the captain of the team you get a little crown on your picture and you can press this one and there you’ll see which games are being played. You can just have this running in the background you don’t even have to play or you can just play solo and get updated from the session you joined as a member. Do not miss any action within the session you took part as member just by clicking on the right panel.

The notification of enough players

At the top you can actually see balance of your group and whether or not you are playing that one or your actual mail funds that you have on your account

When playing as captain you can stop the session at any time without leaving the game. As soon the session is over your play mode will revert automatically to play solo mode.

Casino license

The Casinobud is operating under the laws of Malta with an MGA licens from The Mill Adventure Limited which they also share with the popular Frank & Fred Casino.

LICENSEE INFORMATION:The Mill Adventure Limited
EMAIL ADDRESS:[email protected]
Licence NumberGame Type ApprovedService Providers ApprovedVertical Approved
MGA/B2C/716/2019Type 1 Gaming Services• Net Ent Malta Limited MGA/B2B/109/2004
• Relax Gaming Limited MGA/B2B/246/2013
• Play’n Go Malta Limited MGA/B2B/225/2012
• Casino
Licence NumberLicence TypeClass TypeStatus
MGA/B2C/716/2019B2C – Gaming Service LicenceService (B2C) – A licence to provide a service for the purposes of engaging with end consumersLicensed
Approved ADRs

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