1001 Spins reviews: 2020 Hit Slot by Endorphina

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Its been a long wait and a nailbiting countdown on social media for its release. But the time has come and Endorphina has finally revealed the name of their latest slot and it has officially been released to the public, available at a handful of trusted casino operators!

But before we dive into it. Let us walk you through the countdown…

Hit slot by Endorphin (coming soon) #spinthehit
#SpintheHit – Coming soon
Hit slot by Endorphin - coming soon (3) #spinthehit
First announcement (24/2-2020)

This was the first announcement made on Endorphinas Facebook at the beginning of the week (24 February at 13:33). We were hungry, for new slots and got the appetite for some fruits as we naturally enjoy Fruit games.


Later on that very same day, Endorphinas first clue to the new game was posted (24 February at 14:59) with the message that followed:

” πŸ‹ We are starting to count down!❗️3️⃣❗️#spinthehit

Endorphina (24/2-2020)

A lemon, on a painting, reveled by a man in a suit? This certainly got us interested and knowing the provider we had to let them know. And they did not let us wait for their response πŸ™‚


Hit Slot by Endorphin - coming soon (2) #spinthehit
Second announcement (25/2-2020)

The next day (25 February at 10:46) the excitement intensified… The man with the suite, this time wearing white glove pulling away a red velvet curtain, revealing, a golden cherry. Is it the same man? Is this even in the same house as the color of the walls differs from the first presented clue? A lot of new questions arrives as we read the new message:


Endorphina (25/2-2020)


Hit Slot by Endorphin - coming soon (1) #spinthehit
Third announcement (26/2-2020)

22 hours ago (26/2-2020) from this very moment Endophina gave us their final piece of the puzzle. And believe it or not, but this time, it was another picture, hanging on a wall, displaying more fruit!

However, this time without a man pulling away from a red curtain… Where is the man? Was it even a man? Where has he or she gone?


Endorphina (26/2-2020)

It’s said that the one who waits on something good never waits in vain… Like a patient hunter, we stay put, breathe calm through our nose, and we press the like button!


2020 Hit Slot by Endorphin - coming soon (0)
Fourth final announcement (27/2-2020)

It was not more than 2 hours ago that Endorphina cracked the pandora’s box and out came Fruit salad!

A fruit game proudly presented and unmatched by any other fruit games from other game studios on the market today.

πŸ‡ Why choose a basic slot when you can try 2020 HIT SLOT?

Endorphina (27/2-2020)

We are very happy to see that the classic fruit theme is kept alive, modernized, improved and carried forward into the fruiture with new game releases like this.

It keeps us positive, knowing that the selection of slots featuring our beloved cherries, lemon, grapes, watermelons and what have you not, will remain as iconic symbols for many slots and gambler generations to come.

Welcome, 2020 Hit Slot!

This slot game was released on the 27th of February 2020. It’s a 5×4 (5 Reels x 4 Rows) video slot adding 100 pay lines with a 96% RRP featuring Wilds, Scatters and a Risk game.

  • WILD (2020)
  • SCATTER (Trophy)
Bet limits:
  • Minimum bet: 1.00€
  • Maximum bet: 1,000.00€
Return to Player:
  • 96% RTP


2020 HIT SLOT – Paytable

Grapes, Lemons, Plums, Melon and Cherries with The Trophy being the TOP paying symbol and counts as a scatter on any position on the reels. Paying out a rewarding amount of money 2500 times your original bet!

Orange-, Cherry-, Plum symbols:

  • 5x (€1.00)
  • 4x (€0.20)
  • 3x (€0.10)

Grape- and Lemon symbols:

  • 5x (€2.00)
  • 4x (€0.40)
  • 3x (€0.20)

Watermelon symbol:

  • 5x (€4.00)
  • 4x (€0.80)
  • 3x (€0.20)
Wild symbol

The WILD symbol is the inverted 2020 Icon which substitutes for any symbol except for the SCATTER symbol.

  • 5x (€10.00)
  • 4x (€4.00)
  • 3x (€0.40)

The SCATTER symbol is the Golden Trophy which counts on any positions at all of the slot reels.

  • 5x (€500.00)
  • 4x (€20.00)
  • 3x (€5.00)
2020 HITSLOTS icon
Scatter symbol

The RISK GAME* is the bonus game where you can double your winnings – Read more below…


Take your chance to double your winnings up to 10x times! Choose a card from the four cards dealt on the table face down. If you beat the Dealer’s card, your win is doubled and you get a chance to try again. If the Dealer wins in any rounds, you lose your winnings and the risk game ends.

All closed cards can be higher than the Dealers’s card. All closed cards can be lower than the Dealer’s card. Cards may re-appear from round to round. The probability of cards being dealt with is not equally distributed.

The Joker beats all other cards. The Dealer can never get a Joker. Picking a card of the same value as the Dealer’s means a draw: your winnings don’t change and you can have another attempt at doubling your money.

If you don’t want to risk, press the TAKE WIN button to quit and collect your current winnings.

2020 HIT SLOT – Risk game

The average return to player is 84% RTP avg. However, your chances can be higher or lower in every round depending on the Dealer’s card:

  • 2 – 162%
  • 3 – 121%
  • 4 – 113%
  • 5 – 101%
  • 6 – 100%
  • 7 – 100%
  • 8 – 100%
  • 9 – 92%
  • 10 – 78%
  • J – 69%
  • Q – 66%
  • K – 64%
  • A – 42%

Our conclution and verdict

This classic fruit game has been modernized, revamped and lifted to the very top by improving on the classy theme and making it more modern with beautiful fruit symbols accompanied by striking visual effects and energized colors of red and gold. Providing you with a glamourous atmosphere of walking down the red carpet having a man (or woman) putting on his white gloves just because of your visit. This slot is worth marking as a favorite new classic at those casinos that offer the option to do so!

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