Quantum Blackjack (Playtech) just announced!


It was just a week ago (2019-12-12) since when we first reported that Evolution Gaming had announced their new take and faster version of one of the most classic and iconic live casino games in the world. The release of Speed Blackjack was big news in the live casino community and spread quickly all over the world to all gamblers who wanted to have a go at this new-age style of Blackjack. Yesterday, Playtech did something equally chocking and revolutionary by releasing Quantum Blackjack, the world’s first multiplier based Blackjack game!

“Quantum Roulette has been one of Playtech Live’s biggest launches of the year, thanks to both its immersive visual atmosphere and the unique multiplier win concept. We’re confident that, as the first-to-market multiplayer-based Blackjack game, Quantum Blackjack will prove equally popular and set the tone for future Quantum Releases.

Kevin Kilminster, Head of Innovation at Playtech

Read our full review of Quantum Blackjack!

We are as excited about this new release from Playtech as you are (probably more). You can read the full review of Quantum Blackjack and watch the release video. Learn what new rules apply to Quantum Blackjack, how it works and perhaps you can pick up some tricks!

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