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This year’s “Musikhjälpen” (Music help) is live again and 1001 Spins is not late in its contribution and support of this wonderful initiative!

For those of you who are not Swedish might ask yourself, what the **** is Musikhjälpen? Let us explain what it is and why it has become one of the main events of the year for businesses, celebrities and private individuals to partake in and especially contribute.

The concept is simple.

3 hosts are locked into a transparent cage, placed outdoors on the town square of a random Swedish city. Their objective is to collect money for charity and do so through the power of music. The location for this year’s event (2019) is in Västerås.

Musikhjälpen 2019

To create hype around the event and involve as many people as humanly possible, they invite celebrities, artists, politicians, etc to talk about the yearly theme. The theme revolves around a present global and/or local issue and this year’s theme is SEX IS NOT A WEAPON. The reason for choosing this topic is to raise awareness and fight against sex as a tool for humiliating and for establishing dominance and power in conflict zones, war and society in general.

In their toolbox, to help them collect contributions, anyone can set up their own “Bössa” (Moneybox), they arrange competitions and a lot of fun events. We at 1001 Spins have set up our own moneybox where you can donate money to help us support this good cause (not only the year’s topic).

This event and tradition started out 2018 and had its record year 2017 where they brought it a total of 74 million SEK (roughly 7,4 million Euro). Help us, help them make this year even better!

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