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1001 Spins reviews: Caxino Casino

Caxino Casino is the latest creation and development from Rootz Ltd. This tech and platform companies first flagship brand Wildz.com which was the hottest casino of 2019. With Caxino the aims is to build on the success of Wildz and incorporate new ideas and feedback received from customers.


The promises from Rootz is that Caxino will put a new stamp on the online casino industry by taking automation and customer customisation to the next level along with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Caxino casino will be make available with many local adaptations, currencies and native languages on site. Canadian dollars (CAD), New Zealand dollars (NZD) and India Rupees (IND₹)‎ along with the same English communication. Finland, and Germany in their respective weird native tongue with deposits and withdrawals possible in Euros (€) and last but not least Japan, Japanese and Yen. French is not really a market open to Wildz but a language added to better cater for the French population living in Canada (mainly Quebec area).

Welcome bonus


Caxino Casino is pleased to introduce its Welcome Offer – a 100% deposit bonus up to €200 plus 100 free spins to Mega Moolah.

How Does it Work?

Make your first deposit at Caxino and click the ” ⃞ Welcome Offer” tick box on the deposit screen. Your first deposit, up to €200, will be matched 100% by Caxino. You will also receive 100 free spins to Mega Moolah given out over 5 days. Your first 20 spins will be available immediately upon deposit and the next batch will be unlocked 24 hours later.

While this isn’t the largest number of free spins found at an online casino, there is a good reason why. Caxino will allow you to join and take advantage of its Welcome Offer for as little as €1. The crew at Caxino are so confident in the new brand that they are essentially giving away these first 100 free spins just so players can try out their new online casino.

However, anyone familiar with Rootz will certainly know that many more free spin offers are on the horizon. These 100 Welcome Bonus spins are just the beginning!

More Details

  • Matching funds will be given as Bonus Money and carry with it a 35x wagering requirement for most games.
  • Free spins from the Welcome Offer are worth €0,25 each.
  • Each day’s free spins are available for 24 hours. Any spins that are not played will be automatically forfeited.
  • Winnings from free spins are treated as Bonus Money which carries the normal wagering requirements.

But why launch Caxino?

Why is there a need to launch Caxino when eveyone already loves to play at Wildz? That’s a really good question considering the current popularity of their flagship brand. The reasons Rootz gives us to why a new brand is needed are numerous.

  • Ideas need a home:  You can keep adding layers to an existing brand but it increases the risk of having too much going on at any given time. Simplicity from a customer’s perspective is not to be ignored or put aside, it is actually vital to create an enjoyable experience. Two well streamlined casinos is more preferable than a jumbled online casino.
  • Creativity is the core: When you automate the boring and time consuming tasks that are best suited for a bot, you not only make things more efficient but also the time of your creative talents are freed up to do innovative and creative task better suited for humans.
  • New brands also make the old ones better: A new brand fosters this spirit, keeps the crew hungry for improvement, and improves all aspects of the business. As Caxino Casino development will help improve Wildz, an eventual 3rd brand will improve the first two.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The Fraud and Payments team at Caxino Casino is a robust department that is working shifts to ensure the quickest processing times possible to meet demands of instant deposits and withdrawals.

Caxino customers that already have an account with Wildz will see that withdrawal times are kept to an absolute minimum. Why? Because they players have already gone through a KYC process at the other brand and will therefor find themselves verified automatically (barring any suspicious account actions) and payments processed faster than ever before.

What is good to hear is that with the development of Cazino Casino, Rootz did not loose track of building features that actually matters. One development block that has received a lot of focus is actually withdrawal times and that will by the end of the day be more important than building some semi innovative “cool” features that no one really cares about. I mean, by the end of the day, it’s a money business, you deposit, you win and you want to cash out to live life large (LLL).

Thousands of Games

Caxino casino hosts well over 1200 video slots, table games, Live Casino titles, and other online casino games available on both desktop, mobile and tablets. Adding new fresh content in terms of more games game providers is vital to stay relevant in this fast paced market.

Caxino casino aims to hit the mark and to be able to offer more than 2000 games at some point in the near future. When that is we don’t know but we can take your bet on when it’s going to happen!

Special Features only available at Caxino casino

Many of the popular rewards features have been carried over from Wildz.com including player favourites like the 99% Progress Bar and Level Up rewards.

However, The Level Up reward has been simplified and when you get to Level Up, a Spinbox reward will be dropped into “My Rewards” and is essentially a bonus with a random number of free spins put towards a game that you fancy and would like to play, based on your previous gameplay and not by choice.

You’ll receive Spinbox rewards with extra spins included if you level up more than once per day. You will receive one extra spins per Level Up you achieve in one day.

  • Level Up twice: in a day and get 2 extra free spins on top of the Spinbox win.
  • Level Up three times: and you’ll receive 3 additional spins on the Spinbox reward.
  • Level Up four times: and you’ll receive 4 additional spins with your Spin loot box.
  • Level Up five times: 5 additional Spinbox spins.
  • And so on…
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