Enhanced Welcome Bonuses

New casinos are always worth checking out. They often launch with something new and innovative and usually offer a great welcome bonus as an introduction. But, before you do your first deposit, we would like to give you some tips on how you can maximize the value of your initial deposit when trying out a new casino.

Signup, but don’t make a deposit!


The first thing you should do is obviously to sign up for the casino that you would like to try out.

After that, you should not be a sheep and follow the lead of the casino’s CRM communications team by clicking any of the links in the emails or SMSs that they will be sending you, referring you directly to the deposit page.

Instead, keep calm and don’t spend your money, yet!

But why shouldn’t you? You wanted to try it out so badly.
Have some faith and let us tell you that patience is a virtue 🙂

Wait a couple of days…

All new casinos (and old casinos as well for that matter) are extremely eager to convert any customers that sign up to their platforms and they are capable of doing almost anything in order to convert a registered user into a depositing customer.

If you haven’t made your first deposit on the first day when you registered for an account, you can be certain to find an enhanced welcome bonus offer in your mailbox any of the following few days, we guarantee that you will!


If you really are not in a rush, we suggest that you wait for a week, perhaps even two or more before depositing any funds into your account.

Then you’ll be able to follow the communication sent out by the casino and see if the enhanced offers keep getting better or if the bonus % is kept at the same levels.

When the bonus has increased by 100% or more from the original offer – That’s when you should bite!

If you are new to online casinos in general. This strategy can be put to use for a larger number of online casinos as all of them are new to you essentially. It’s a great way to get the odds working in your favor and increase your chances of winning. That’s how you play casino smart, on your own terms!

The enhanced welcome bonus (3-5 days after signup)

Here is a perfect example from Casoola casino to which was released by Genesis global just the other week and that we signed up to less than a week prior to writing this post. Here we are given an exclusive bonus code with works with their welcome offer and enhances your first deposit. Instead of receiving 100% up to €100 and play with €200, you get 150% up to €100 and are eligible to play with €250.

All you need to do is submitting the exclusive bonus voucher “CACF150″ when making your first deposit. Your welcome!

Enhanced offer (First week)

The enhanced welcome bonus (7-12 days after signup)

Remember how we told you to hold off making any deposits after you’ve signed up to a new online casino? Yes? Do you remember why? Because you would most probably keep getting served better offers the longer you waited making that first deposit. Because once you do, they “got you” and you fall into their regular segments with weekly bonuses and campaign send-outs around salary time.

we suggest that you wait for a week, perhaps even two or more”

Our own suggestion a week earlier

We hate to say it, but we were right. Good things come to those who don’t deposit. That is not how is should be, but that’s how it is.

7 days ago when we posted this article including our first enhanced offer from the new Casoola casino the offer had been increased from 100% up to 100€ –> 150% up to 100€ using the “CACF150″ bonus code.

Now, a week later, we get another enhanced welcome bonus. This time the welcome bonus has increased from 150% up to 100€ –> 150% up to €200 + an additional 50 free chips to be used in NetEnt Starburst using the “CACF200” bonus code.

Enhanced offer (Second week)

To be continued…

We’ll keep holding off making our initial deposit to see how far we can stretch this enhanced welcome bonus offer rampage that we have gotten ourselves rolled into. Stay tuned for more updates and more exclusive bonus codes, granting you more cash for your hard-earned bucks!

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