10% Cashback

Get 10% cashback on all your casino losses!
Casino cashback

Cashback bonus

A cashback bonus is radically different from a deposit or match bonus. Cashback money is given as a bonus in contrast to your losses rather than a ratio of your deposits. The bonus % of a cashback bonus is lower than for a deposits bonus. However, this is most often compensated by the bonus frequency and the cashback bonus is usually subject to lower or no wagering requirements. The money you receive is yours to do whatever you want with!
Cashback is a controversial yet beneficial and highly sort after bonus structure with legislators tend to prohibit when gambling regulations and bonus specific laws are enforced. Enjoy the ride while it lasts 🙂

Mr Gold casino – 10% Weekly cashback (Terms)

  1. Cashback will be paid out based on a 7 day period, running from 00:00 UTC on Thursday, to 23:59 UTC on Wednesday.
  2. Cashback is paid every Thursday before 13:00 UTC (07:00 EST)
  3. The sum which is being paid out is based on a wager made on slot games only. Table games (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, etc.) are excluded and are not part of the promotion.
  4. 10% of the total loss (bet-win) during the period is the cashback amount that is being paid back to the player. For example, If loss during the week is $500 the player will receive $50 cash without wagering requirement.
  5. Only players with an active account status when cashback is paid are eligible.
  6. Mr Gold Casino reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time, without informing the players in advance.

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